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OnFitness July/August 2015 issue. Fitness, Health, Science
OnFitness Magazine July/August 2015 issue.

OnFitness July/August 2015 issue

On Newsstands July 4, 2015

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OnFitness® Magazine is about fitness and achievement, both physically and mentally.

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Kyle Clarke - Athlete profile

By Mick Coe

Featured July/August 2015

Smart and more than just another physique (he graduated salutatorian from his high school and holds a bachelor of science degree in civil engineering), Captain Kyle Clarke served the United States around the world. Captain Clarke, 33, was a senior battalion intelligence officer as well as a commander of a cavalry unit, among his many military duties.


Garrett McNamara's Kick-ass workout

The man who surfed the biggest wave in the world, so far.

By Joseph Grassadonia, Editor-in-Chief

Garrett McNamara isn't your typical surfer. In 2003 he competed in the Tow Surfing World Cup at Jaws in terrifying 70 foot surf, which even he admits was terrifying. He won and took home the $70,000 purse and world title. In that same year he caught a death defying 20 foot Hawaiian barrel at Jaws.


Why the FDA Cannot be Trusted

Question: Should the public trust the FDA to ensure that foods are safe, wholesome and truthfully labeled?

By Paul Chek and James Phelps

The best and safest way to exercise that skepticism is to support your local organic farmers and organic meat producers. You'll be sustaining yourself with nutritious, clean food, supporting those who farm ethically, and just as importantly, caring for Mother Earth.


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